Flood, October 2, 2005, Shawnee County, Kansas
The Yoho's ate out together as an extended family at the noon meal on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005. Near the end of the meal Stuart got a cell phone call from his next door neighbor. "Come home," he was told. "Your house is about to flood."
   Family congregated at Stuart and Anna's home on Furman Road. In about two hours they managed to pack up and move out almost everything. Flood waters rose into the home. Damage could have been much worse.
   The Yoho's were bought out by the city of Topeka and moved to a home on much higher ground. Their home was demolished by the City.

mud room, literallya step downentrywaya step upliving room
Highway 75 underpass looking east the aftermath
side yard, Furman Road remember patience Nick with upset catBecky and Nick share a memorable birthday
backyard fiasco smoker and other patio equipment frog climbs out of the floodbutterfly on leather sofa

All photos © 2005 by Carol Yoho
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