Gage Park

child riding carousel 100th Year Birthday Festivities

The citizens of Topeka celebrated 100 years of Gage Park on Saturday, June 12, '99 with free day at the park.

  • rides on ponies, miniature train, carousel, 

  • wagons,  paddle boats
  • zoo
  • free swimming
  • bandstand music
  • food, band organs
  • old cars
  • historic photos exhibt
  • fire trucks
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Samta Fe Band
Miniature train
Rock garden
Band organ 1
Band organ2
Band organ 3
Band organ 4
Band organ 5
Model T grill
Rumble seat
1930 Dodge
1959 Dodge
'59 Dodge fin
1927 fire engine
Fire truck 2
1933 Ford V8 -- the first
1950 Olds
Ford Model A
Girl cranks band organ
This band organ plays cards
Kids playing Oz
Swimming pool
Wading pool
Sarah on the Gage Park train   Sarah's birthday picnic at Gage Park   Sarah and her friends
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Personal Celebration!

These photos of our granddaughter, Sarah, were taken as she enjoyed Gage Park on various occasions.
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These photos were taken in and around the Rose Garden and Lily Pond.

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lily pond   garden view

view of garden lake   roses in fog


lily pond frozen

seed pods in winter

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All photos © 1997-1999 by Carol Yoho
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