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loop of many colorful kites in flight
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Thecolorful banner Topeka Kite Flyers Association of Topeka had a perfect Kansas day for flying kites on Sunday, March 5, 2000 -- warm, sunny and WINDY!

The fly was held on open land fronting the Governor's Mansion on Fairlawn Rd., north of 6th St. TKF flies about every other Sunday afternoon during flying seasons--spring, summer and fall.

There are some very knowledgable people guiding this organization. Newspaper accounts cover Paul Homan, a very talented young man whose passion is designing, building and flying kites. He has the support of his family. His dad, Bob Homan, can be found at the fly introducing kids to the magic of flight--figure-eights, loop-the-loops, circles, squares--he handles them all with ease!

One flyer, an ex-fighter pilot, says he no longer can fly, but that flying kites is the next best thrill!

Paul Holman (left) and his parachute from ebaycircular kite designed by Paul Holmancircular kite skims the ground and spins
Bob Holman gives flying lessonsgroundedkites fly themselves, once launched
under a kitekite string
  See the official Topeka Kite Flyers site.

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