Lizard roundup, Running of the Lizards, September 19, 2010

The story behind this annual lizard roundup in Topeka, Kansas, is fascinating.
Lizards are best snatched by enthusiastic children, helped by parents.
Everyone had a good time!

Topeka's Lizard History | Call to Participate | Event Wrap-up

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Larry Miller focuses the hunters
single Italian Wall Lizard
hunters gather the chase begins two young hunters
young hunters the location where the lizards first went free teaming up to gang up on lizards

Thanks and credit for this event goes to Larry Miller of Kansas Heritage Photography

freshly-caught Italian Wall Lizard Dad helps this lizard stayed safely out of reach distracted by a sunflower, Kansas state flower
brining in their catch large number of lizards, good catch Larry Wilson explains about Lined Snakes, found in this area catches come together distracted by an oven dial
some lizards loosened their tails but got caught anyway the collection bucket the bucket is filling with lizards

52 participants registered
Participants collected 63 wall lizards and two lined snakes (harmless native snakes found in Kansas)
No Green Lacertas were collected
Larry Miller is posting a summary of this event on his Facebook site.

This photographer learned about these special lizards by researching a lizard photographed at Washburn University
in Spring, 2008. Just knowing about these little critters, and keeping an eye out for them, makes living here more fun!

Photos © 2010 Carol Yoho
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