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John is an avid film aficionado. He's seen thousands of movies and retains all sorts of production details and trivia about a wide range of Hollywood and International films, all of which he can recall instantly from memory. He particularly loves silent films.

John has a couple of "Movie Nights" each year—events for an invited audience. I'd been invited before, but June, 2014, was the first time I've attended.

Our evening began with grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, side dishes, and conversation among an intimate group of John's friends and fellow movie-lovers.

Our first film of the evening was Fritz Lang's "M," starring Peter Lorre (1931). I'd seen "M" once before, decades ago. I had found the film to be memorable then, and loved seeing it again. My thought this time (now that I'm old)? "Wow, Peter Lorre was really young in this movie!" Lang's direction and Lorre's performance have always impressed me.

Next, we saw Sergi Eisenstein's "Potemkin" (1925), with its famous Odessa Steps sequence, a visually compelling, emotional masterpiece.

Finally, we saw four Pink Panther cartoons, two shown originally in 1964 & two in 1965. They were fun...and colorful!

Thanks, John, for a delightful evening!

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Amazing Movie Night

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