A Tast of His Own Medicine


New Year's 
Eve Celebration 1999/2000--

A murder mystery dinner party.

Monty Montague, newspaper tycoon, has been poisoned and there are six suspects.

Who did it?

--Special thanks to the Curtis' and Schureman's for a wonderful evening!


All photos © 2000 by Carol Yoho
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Innocent--of the murder in question
Hurry Montague (aka Max), Monty's adopted son, was primary heir. He admits to murdering his adoptive mother 3 years ago and faking her suicide.
Innocent, and innocent and helpful
Leonora Lacy-Draws (aka Vinci) and
Luc Du Mifor-Elp (aka Ron)
get some assistance from George. Both have pasts that they would prefer were never discovered.
She got accused, but was innocent
May B. Gudasgold (aka Linda) 
is the half-sister of the dead Mrs. Montegue. Knowing his guilt, she has sworn vengence on Hurry.
He's the murderer, and can't be trusted!
Colum Inches (aka Tom)
works at the newspaper. He is Hurry's real father.
He sat at the table next to Marie.
Innocent, but attempted a murder
Marie Me (aka Carol)
had good reason to hate Monty Montegue--and she had access to cyinide.
Parts were read with panache
Colum and May consider the evidence before making their accusations as to who was the murderer.
Chocolates were the prize
Ron won the prize of the evening as the only suspect to correctly solve the crime.