Shawnee County 2006 Inter-Tribal Pow Wow

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drum tent honor guard feathers, dancing Grand entry 1

walking the grounds Grand entry, young people young dancer Grand entry 3 Grand entry 4 Grand entry 5 Grand entry 6

officer visits with dancer preparing for Grand entry Announcer Chatting near announcer's wagon

Preparing for Grand entry 2 Grand entry 7 walking the grounds 2 Preparing for Grand entry 3 very young dancer

face painting 1 face painting 2 face painting 3

Meades with granddaughters Emily Erika has face painted 1 Erika has face painted 2 Ericka with feather painting on her cheek

Sunset over Lake Shawnee Sunset at campground Moodlight over dance grounds drummers 1 drummers 2

16th Annual Inter-Tribal Pow Wow, Sept. 1-3, 2006

Arena Director: Timothy Robinson, Omaha
2005-06 Princess: Jessica Thompson
, Northern Cherokee/Osage
Host Northern Drum: The Agency, Jeremy Shield, Crow/Oglala Lakota
Host Southern Drum: Yellow Jacket, Johnson Taylor, Southern Ute
Headman Dancer: Henry Harjo, Muscogee/Choctaw
Headman Woman Dancer: Jane Morris, Oglala Lakota
Headman Gourd Dancer: Terry Moore, Prairie Band Potawatomi
Host Gourd Society: Standing Bear Intertribal Brotherhood
Color Guard: Haskell Color Guard

Shawnee County Allied Tribes Mission: To perpetuate the heritage of the Native American Indian by promoting greater understanding and appreciation of Native American Indian history, culture, lore and art. We are dedicated to making a difference.

Shawnee County Allied Tribes do not discriminate as to national origin, sex, race, religion, color, or handicap.

Schedule of Events:

5:00 pm — Blessing of the Grounds
6:00 - 7:00 pm — Gourd Dancing
7:00-10:00 pm — Grand Entry & Social Dancing

12:30-1:30 pm — Gourd Dancing
1:30-4:30 pm — Grand Entry & Social Dancing

4:30-6:00 pm — Dinner
6:00-7:00 pm — Gourd Dancing

7:00-10:00 pm — Grand Entry & Social Dancing

GOOD IDEAS: Dress for weather—caps, hats, sun glasses, umbrellas, and sun screen. Seating is limited. Bring a lawn chair. Remember, this is Kansas and we usually have a misture of Mother Nature's gifts. LOCK YOUR CAR.

ACTIVITES: Pow Wow dancing throughout the day and evening. Cultural sessions as posted Saturday and sunday. Native American Indian food and craft vandors were on site.

LODGING: Camping: Tipi and tent camping is free for Pow Wow participants at the Pow Wow grounds. RV camping is available nearby at the RV camp grounds (yes, they do charge). No drugs or alcohol allowed in the camping areas. Motels: for more information please contact the Topeka Convention and Visitors Bureau at 785-234-1030 or

SAFETY: First aid and security personnel were on duty. Security was provided by uniformed personnel.

Shawnee County Allice Tribes, Inc. is NOT responsible for accidents, theft, etc.

ZERO TOLERANCE POW WOW: Shawnee County Allied Tribes, Inc. does not tolerate persons who are intoxicated with alcohol or drugs at this event. Such person(s) will not be admitted until sober. If such person(s) are inside the Pow Wow grounds, they will be escorted from the grounds.

Photos © 2006 Carol Yoho
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