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Every kid wins by trying!

Kids who participated

Topeka's Tenth Annual Reading Rainbow awards were presented on Tuesday evening, March 30, 2004 at the Topeka/Shawnee County Public Library. Reading Rainbow was sponsored by KTWU Channel 11, Public Television of Topeka. Written stories and illustrations from students, grades kindegarten through third grade were judged by members of District One, Kansas Authors Club.

A link to winners will be activated at the KTWU web site on May 1, 2004.

Kids listen to introductions

Third and Second Grade top placers First Grade and Kindegarten top placers
Top placers, Third Grade Level
Top placers, Second Grade Level
Top placers, First Grade Level
Top placers, Kindegarten Level

Members of the local Kansas Authors Club District 1 judged the contest. Thanks to:
Annette Billings, Evie Green, Dorothy Masters and Naomi Patterson.
District President Karen Brown read “My Balloon” by
Juliana May Laughlin, one of the winning stories, at the celebration and had
her picture taken with the young author and illustrator.

The local contest is sponsored and underwritten by the Telecom Pioneers Life Members.

KTWU (PBS) has announced the local winners in the 10th Annual Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest. The children whose stories were chosen were awarded trophies and ribbons in a ceremony at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library on Tuesday, March 30.

The 2004 contest first place winners and the titles of their stories are
Justin Ward, kindergarten for "The Alien Who Wanted A Pet,"
Juliana May Laughlin, first grade for "My Balloon,"
Cheyenne Stucky, second grade for "Best Friends Forever," and
Victoria Hamilton, third grade for "Professor Bunny's River Cleaner."

Other winners are
Alexandria Bontrager, kindergarten, second place for "The Old Straw Hat,"
Regan Hendricks, kindergarten, third place for "The Magic Chalk,"
Emily Cobb, first grade, second place for "If I Had A Dog,"
Sydnei Murphy, first grade, third place for "Snowy Day,"
Ariel Smith, second grade, second place for "Harly's Christmas,"
Shelby Dahl, second grade, third place for "The Baby Duck,"
Lydia Gibson, third grade, second place for "The Magic Coin," and
Brendan Bonavia, third grade, third place for "The Rose Without Thorns."

Two more stories were also judged exceptional:
Issac Bird, first grade, Best Illustration for "The Machine," and
Erin Brady, second grade, Best Story for "The Night Before New Year's."

The first place winners in the local contest are sent on to be entered in national competition.

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