Tallgrass Writing Workshop, Jun. 4 and 5, 2011, Emporia, Kansas Workshop instructors
Workshop instructors were Gordon Warnock, Amy Sage Webb, Laurie Wagner Buyer Jameson, W.C. Jameson, Max McCoy and Jim Hoy.
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Commercial St. was closed to traffic and citizens held a street party on Saturday night.

Commercial Street, blocked to traffic for a street party Commercial Street is blocked to traffic Restored Granada Theater Emporia's finest
Emporia Arts Center, Flint Hills photographer Dave Leiker, and Dave's rainbow photo displayed at Amanda's Sandwich Shop.
Emporia Arts Center, Dave Leiker, and Amanda's Sandwich Shop Dave Leiker, Flint Hills photographer Emporia's Art Center
Texas songwriter W.C. Jameson performed at the Emporia Arts Center for workshop attendees on Saturday night.
Texas songwriter W.C. Jameson performs on Saturday night. W.C. 5 W.C. 4 W.C. 1 W.C. 2 W.C. 3 W.C. 6

All photos © 2011 by Carol Yoho
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