The Week From Hell, April 1 through 7, 2006
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The trouble started Saturday afternoon, April 1. The good news is that Max Yoho had just finished a presentation at the Electric Cat Cafe in Paxico, Kansas, about bootlegging in Southeast Kansas. He'd read bits from his novel concerning that subject, The Moon Butter Route.

The bad news was that he "folded" .
after finishing and ended up admitted at the hospital in Topeka, where he stayed, having all kinds of medical tests, for the next five days.

Well, at least the talk went smoothly.

Electric Cat audience for Max's talk on bootlegging in Southeast KansasMax reads a snippet from THE MOON BUTTER ROUTE

Then there was the bad weather.
It rained all day Sunday. Clouds were sitting on the ground, and hail was bouncing onto the streets at mid-afternoon. The clouds were finally clearing by sunset.

in retrospect, the weather could have .
been worse. Spring rains mean green grass, trees leafing, and May flowers.

Oh, and the sunset was beautiful from the 7th floor hospital window.

Sunday sunrise, April 2Sunday evening, April 2
Sunset for 7th floor of Stormont-Vail hospital, April 2 Afternoon thunderstorms, including hail, April 2

By Wednesday it was obvious that Max would have to miss his gig at the Kansas conference of state librarians. On Thursday Carol had to drive to Wichita alone and address the luncheon in Max's behalf.

April is burning season in the tallgrass .
prairie of the Flint Hills. Burning grass makes it come back thicker and greener.

Carol managed to take some photos of the Flint Hills through the car's windshield.

Flint Hills, burned land near Cassoday, April 6 Burnt grassland near Cassoday, April 6Wide Flint Hills vista

Limestone outcropping, Flint Hills Kansas Turnpike through the Flint Hills, south of Emporia, April 6

By Friday Max was home from the hospital and feeling much better.
The sun setting behind thunderheads
seemed to promise a better week to come.

Thunderclouds at sunset, April 7Thunderclouds #2

Well, maybe, the week wasn't really TOO bad...

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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