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My March, 2012, trip to Greece with students and faculty from Washburn University, Topeka, fulfilled a decades-old dream.

The group focused on ancient and modern athletic games and the role of Art in promoting and honouring athletic games.

We were away for nine days, leaving from Kansas City, Missouri, and stopping at Dulles Airport, Washington, D.C. and Frankfurt, Germany, along the route to Athens, Greece.

We were met at the Athens airport and transported by bus to the centre of this huge city (population 6+ million). The tour guide and bus driver took excellent care of us.

Our exploration began with a walk in the shopping district of Athens, the Plaka, glimpsing ancient Greek ruins on Acropolis Hill.

Our hotel, the Amelia, was very near a city park and near the Greek Parliament Building, seat of Greek government and spot where an elaborate show is made of changing the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I did not see the guard changing, however, until the last day of our stay in Greece.

I was fascinated by all the stray dogs in our area of town. Our guide, Catiya, explained that the dogs are watched over, fed and watered by a group of volunteers who make sure the animals are kept comfortable and well.

Day 1 (Friday/Saturday): Travel Kansas City/Dulles/Frankfurt/Athens
my chairback entertainment consoleinflight to Frankfurt Ainflight to Frankfurt Binflight to Frankfurt CDisembark, FrankfurtSpecial smoking stationWarm treatsNews stand, Frankfurt airportFrankfurt terminalOur airplane, Frankfort to AthensFrankfurt terminal BLeaving FrankfurtQuickly into mountainsstill snowMountains get impressiveAre these Alps?Are these Swiss Alps or Austrian Alps?Serious peaksSerious peaks BSerious peaks CMountains CMountains DMountains EMountains FMountains GMountains HArriving on the Mediterranean SeaGreek coastline

Day 2 (Saturday): Orienting the group in Athens
Welcome to Greece, inside the airportOur guideAthens suburbsEntering the city via major highwayAthens trafficNearby parkNearby park BOur hotelParliament building where guard is changedHotel lobby

Day 2 (Saturday continued): Taking a walk in the Plaka
Mulberry treePigeons (of course)Our first glimse of a naked Greek athleteDog in the parkTourist bus and cabMedieval domeWashburn travels group upFruit standStrutting pigeonSide street, AthensNeeding, and getting, restorationArchitectural detailingRestaurant area of The PlakaFacade under constructionAbove a doorReligious statuePlaka walkwayJust inside cathedral doorsCathedral doorwayCandles burn to iconsAthens independent dogGraffitiGraffiti and Washburn studentsNarrow streetRubble waiting to be desposed ofMore rubbleTourist trinketsBright stuffHandmade instruments for sale

First glimses of Acropolis Hill
First glimse of ruins atop Acropolis HillIndependent dog in Plaka shopping districtThe Ansient Agora AThe Ansient Agora BThe Ansient Agora CJohn Paul and Acropolis HillThe Ansient Agora DGreek musician plays stringed instrumentGlimpse of the Tower of the Winds and the ParthenonThe Ansient Agora EThe Ansient Agora F The Tower of the Winds The Ansient Agora G

Our walk through the Plaka shopping/eating district
Colorful couple take a breakOutdoor restaurantCobblestone streetsMore ruins nearbyTourist stuffTourist sculptureTourist textilesTourist jewelryGuide and CherylWonderful Byzantine chapelSegway cartTile roofing and domed towerSelling balloonsPigeons on old tile roofA favorite photo, pigeons and tiles and dome with crossByzantine Church, Plaka area, AthensByzantine Church, Plaka area, Athens BByzantine Church, Plaka area, entranceLive Greek dancing just outside churchSeriously sophisticated department store displayOutside my hotel room windowRoofline detailing near our hotel

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