Historic log home, Heritage Center, Abilene
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A Trip to Abilene, Kansas
A Look at Heritage
historical Cow Town and the home of Dwight D. Eisenhower. C.W. Parker manufactured carousels there at the turn of the 20th century. C.L. Brown established an independent telephone company in Abilene in the 1880s. That business has now become Sprint Telecommunications. THE HERITAGE CENTER in Abilene tells of local history and business accomplishments.

C.W. Parker Carousel
calliope Kid rides the carousel Scale model of how the carousel traveled from small town to small town
Carousel building and central pole Max Yoho chose to ride a black horse brown horse
gold horse

Museum of Independent Telephony
two crank model telephonesold telephone switch boardpublic telephone boothspecial furniture made to house the home phone
telephones in sheet music, part one telephones in sheet music, part two another old swtich board for telephone servicespecialty telephones
standard black desk phone glass transformers, designed not to interrupt the current glass transformers glow green a pink Princess telephone

Kirby House Restaurant
Kirby House Restaurant, front view
view from coupola window looking south Kirby House dining space
Kirby House Restaurant, side view
privacy for two to dine in the coupula stairway to coupula, looking downward

Traveling Interstate 70 to Abilene, Kansas
Traveling west from Topeka along Interstate 70 to Abilene is a beautiful drive--a great deal of it runs through the Flint Hills of Kansas with its wide vistas of rolling hills, prairie grasses and very few trees.
This trip to Abilene was on the third day of Spring, March 22, 2006. Kansas had one if its few snows of the winter two days before -- Vernal Equinox 2006. The snow defined the rolling Flint Hills terrain to great advantage.

prairie landscapes, 1 prairie view 1 prairie view 2 prairie view 3

prairie landscapes, 2 prairie view 4 prairie view 5

prairie landscapes, 3 prairie view 6 prairie view 7

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