Atchison visit, October 2010
Our trip to Atchison was for Max's speaking engagement, Atchison Co.Historical Society Annual Meeting, Oct. 2010.
Max Yoho speaks at Atchison County Historical Society gathering Max tells of Molly's Hollow Santa Fe Depot houses the Atchison County Museum

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Max lived in Atchison, 1946-49, and loves the town and it's majestic houses.
Whale, a long way from the sea Whale weathervane sunny side of the weathervane Stein mansion, currently a B&B
Ed Howe's house, before Potato Hill property. This one is in town. Haunted villa Munchnic Mansion houses an art gallery
Waggener House, with gargoyles Waggener House, looking west Close up, gargoyles In silouette, gargoyles Mansion from behind, 3 chimneys and 2 gargoyles
Max lived here on N. 2nd Street Home of Amelia Earhart's grandparents. Now an Earhart museum. Being renovated. Love the arched windows.

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Max loves to watch the sun rise over the Missouri River. It peaks over the Missouri horizon.
Sunrise and the Missouri River Drive and walkway at river level Fall steam rising from the Missouri River
looking North Sunrise from lookout on Amelia's street Sun, river, hillside and tree
Max reads marker. We couldn't find the dog's grave this trip. The hills of Missouri to the east. Bridgework and Amelia Earhart bridge connects Missouri to Kansas

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Government & Industry
Atchison has industry, rails, and is the county seat.
Pulling down part of a grain elevator Elevator distruction Alcohol plant. Had been Midwest Solvent Industrial steam and railroad tracks
Abraham Lincoln spoke near this spot in Atchison during his 1859 presidental campaign Lincoln marker and cornerstone Atchison County Court House. My grandparents were probably married here.

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Miscl. Some Atchison phenomenon can not be explained.
Unexplained frog impression in Atchison cement walk Did a frog get squished here?

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All photos © 2010 by Carol Yoho
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