Adventures in Central Kansas

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Beautiful weather accommodated our trip across Central Kansas
Tom Parker downtown Cawker City Carol with World's Largest Ball of Twine Max with World's Largest Ball of Twine
Our host at Our Daily Bread (C) restaurant, Barnes, was Tom Parker Beautiful downtown Cawker City, KS (D) Carol and Max stand beside the "World's Largest Ball of Twine" in Cawker City. This attraction is absolutely FREE. Stop by.

very stuffed immature Bald Eagle close-up, Bald Eagle Historical Marker, the Waconda Spring story Glen Elder Lake now covers Waconda Spring
Immature Bald Eagle died young (A). See him @ rest station, SW corner/Tuttle Creek Dam, near Manhattan, KS. The Legend of Waconda (Great Spirit Spring) is fascinating (D). Site of a sanitarium at the beginning of the 20th century, and a holy spot for Native Americans long before that time. Now it's under water.

2010 Sunflower Book Festival, Osborne, KS, was our most distant stop from Topeka on this trip. Visit the 2010 SBF web site.
Nancy Picard receives Don Coldsmith writer's award from Von Rothenberger Max Yoho with his books, including With the Wisdom of Owls Max is being lit and microphoned for a video blurb Kansas Center for the Book was an important event sponsor
Nancy Pickard received the Don Coldsmith writer's award from Von Rothenberger. Max Yoho attended the 2010 Sunflower Book Fair (E). Max is videotaped briefly discussing With the Wisdom of Owls, his new novel. Kansas Center for the Book supports Osborne's event for Kansas authors.

S. P. Dinsmoor's Garden of Eden, Lucas, KS. Amazing. See it! Read more.
Garden of Eden, western exposure cement trees, northwest corner of the property detail of Dinsmoor's figures Crypt at photo left Dinsmoor's Cabin Home, northern porch
Grassroots artist S. P. Dinsmoor built his Cabin Home and Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS (F). Grassroots culture is building in this area. Visit!!!

Route map, Central Kansas

All photos © 2010 by Carol Yoho
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