Potawatomi Prayer Circle




I was invited by Potawatomi
friends into their Prayer Circle,
Citizens Potawatomi Center, Rossville, Kansas.
I stopped on a stormy evening with a prayer
in my heart for the soul of Charles U. Meade Sr.,
and also asking grace for his surviving family.
The Center and the prayer circle are just east of Rossville, visable from US Highway 24.
The Circle is open to people of all faiths.

Center of the circle is open to the sky

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Citizens Potawatomi Center
is just north
of a large field
planted in corn.
Storm clouds formed
over Rossville.
I headed toward home.

storm clouds gather storm clouds over Rossville, KS
Citizens Band logo bonfire is the center of the circle Citizens Potawatomi Center Corn field is well-watered

All photos © 2007 by Carol Yoho
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