Trp to Comanche County

Coldwater, Kansas
in Comanche County is one of only three towns in the entire
county. It also happens to be the county seat. Nestled into ranching
territory at the Oklahoma border, not many of the roads are paved, or
even graveled. 
the main street
Coldwater has a couple
of motels, a good steak
house, a county museum
run by some very nice,
friendly and helpful
volunteers, and an eye-
catching theater, The

Chief Theaterparking down street middle
Stan Herd mural

Comanche countryside
We traveled to Comanche County to see the land which borders Oklahoma. Max is writing a story, which is turning into a novel. It is about his facticious Uncle Jack, who homestead in Comanche County in 1902. Uncle Jack's Life's Work is the study of Oklahomans. 

Max felt that his story would be more authentic if he had a feeling for the land at the border. We enjoyed our tour of Comanche County.

red dirt near Oklahoma bordercreek
lone treeapproaching rainold farmsteadComanche land formComanche land form 2

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