Comanche County, Gypsum Hills Area

   Medicine Lodge
historical marker, Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties Medicine Lodge in Barber County (just east of Comanche County) is a historic community. In addition to the Peace Treaties mentioned in the Historical Marker (left) Carrie Nation made Medicine Lodge famous when she began breaking up saloons with her metal-tipped cane in 1901. Eventually she began using a hatch for her destruction, and sold lapel pins, shaped like hatchets, to make bail when arrested.

Carrie Nation hachet 1901

   Gypsum Hills

The Gyp Hills begin just 4 miles west of Medicine Lodge. They are part of the Blaine Formation, which is up to 50 feet thick and includes several layers of gypsum, dolomite, and red shale. Massive amounts of gypsum are mined near Sun City and supply much of the nation's building trade with wallboard for construction projects. Gypsum, calcium sulfate, has a kind of crystal-like structure, and can be seen everywhere on the surface of the red dirt of this area. Apparently, there are also large cats in the area (bobcats? cougars?)-- from the look of tracks we found.
rise, Gyp Hillsscenic view 2, Gyp Hills
landscape, Gyp Hills
cypsum in the earth
scenic view, Gyp Hills
close up photo of gypsum
large cat trackrugged landscape
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