Along the Santa Fe Trail
Fort Larned
We had visited Ft. Larned once before, almost exactly four years ago, in March 1996. Heading home, we stopped at the fort to revisit their fine museum of cavelry and Indian artifacts. Though we didn't take the tour this time, we highly recommend it.
Officers' Quarters

Santa Fe Trail Ruts

Very little remains of the Santa Fe Trail. Begun as a trade route to Santa Fe, New Mexico, this trail started in Westport, Missouri and followed what is now U.S. highway 56. These remaining ruts, just south of Ft. Larned, are among the best we've seen of the trail. A small stand has been erected in this field, allowing visitors a larger view of the trail ruts. Photos show that prairie dogs have a town in this field.

note the prairie dog holes!ruts grandstand
Max in Santa Fe Trails rut

Max says he will no longer take guff from ANYBODY ! (Motor dates from 1836) Along the Arkansas River

Fort Larned and the trail border the Arkansas River. The trail follows the river through much of Kansas. The sod house and dugout shown at lower right are on the grounds of the Santa Fe Trail Museum, highway 159, just west of Larned. The museum is privately owned.

river bankdugout housesod house

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