Kansas Flint Hills photos from the truck cab window

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Kansas Flint Hills Aero-Explorers
: photos taken in June 2004 of the Kansas Flint Hills from a small airplane. These photos were taken at ground level from the front seat of a pickup truck on a stormy day in early July 2004. The area we traveled was around Eskridge, Alta Vista and Wamego, Kansas, with a stop for supper at Lake Wabaunsee. Weather was volitile, but not seriously stormy, with isolated showers sweeping the area. The Flint Hills were extraordinarily green, with much rain during spring months just prior to our expedition.

Photos were taken, often in rain, through the closed window of a cruising pickup truck!

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Barbed wire tamed the prairie Few trees in the heart of the Flint Hills Once an ocean floor
Spillway, Lake Wabaunsee Lake Wabaunsee Dorothy and Max at the Flinthills Restaurant
Rain obscures hills Project east of Lake Wabaunsee Kansas isn't FLAT!
Vast green prairie grasses Threatening showers Undulations
Trees aren't native Recently harvest brome See forever
Rain and wildflowers Rainy, then overcast Heavy rain Thunderclouds in the distance
Power lines serving residents

This trip was a gift from DOROTHY

Dorothy drove us in her truck
We had some heavy rains
Our trip through the Flint Hills (plus supper at Lake Wabaunsee) was hosted by our dear friend Dorothy Masters.
She was born and raised on a farm nestled in the Flint Hills just south of Eskridge, KS.
Dorothy is a sweatheart!  Thank you,

All photos © 2004 by Carol Yoho
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