My grandfather, born in 1878, was well grounded in the science and 
technology of horses, mules and covered wagons. More adaptable
to the rushing changes of time than his grandson, Granddad
took to the automobile with enthusiastic abandon. 

   He hadn't been driving those new-fangled automobiles
very long when he had business in Garnett, Kansas, at
   the Anderson County court house. 

 Upon arriving at the town square, Granddad Christenberry
  had every intention of stopping at the curb. He really did!
  Maybe no one ever hoped so fervently that a car would stop
  at a curb as did Granddad. He just-- for the moment, couldn't
 remember how to make it happen!. 

  The Model T jumped the curb with the joie de vivre which had endeared
  it to almost everyone. It bumped and careened across the court house
—to a growing chorus
of hoots and laughter from the old men who
seemed to almost live
on the court house benches. Granddad, perhaps wishing for the good old days, hung on and shouted,

He often told this story—always able to laugh at his own misfortune.              
Max Yoho,
© 2000 
James Henry Christenberry
Flyin' Trip to Garnett

Anderson County Court House

Anderson Co., KS court house famous Anderson Co. pioneer woman pilot hero detail of doorway, building dedicated in 1901
An Anderson County court house story:

Downtown, etcetra

To the right, interesting architectural details
on business located on the
town square.
business on the square dusty miller plant To the left, a pot of dusty miller grows in
profusion at a downtown business.

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