Cathedral of the Plains, Hays Trip
front facade of cathedral St. Fidelis Catholic Church, in Victoria, KS, is visable to the south of Interstate 70 highway. Made from 17 million pounds of native Fencepost limestone between 1908 and 1911, it is a well-known site.

Victoria was settled by German-
Russians and by Englishmen, who named the town after their queen. 
The English were not particularly interested in the harsh life on the plains. They were more interested in chasing rabbits and coyotes across the prairie in the manner of an English hunt. They eventually lost complete interest in farm life in Ellis County and went back to England. 

The sturdy German-Russian stock who came here prospered, however. The pride of current day citizens of Victoria is evident in the good care their church receives.

church tower
church interior
lit votives
end bar grapahic
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