Sculptor, Pete Felten, Hays Trip
Pete Felten at workPete Felten is a nationally-known artist and a native of Hays, Kansas. His Stone Gallery on 6th open to the public. Pete was a wonderful host to our group of traveling friends, who wandered in unxepectedly and were treated royally.

His monumental stone buffalo can 
be seen at Fort Hays. His portraits 
in stone of Amelia Earhart, William Allen White, Arthur Capper and Dwight Eisenhower are displayed 
in the Kansas state capitol building 
at Topeka.

Pete seems to have ideas for sculptural and two-demensional work pouring from him! His indoor gallery has his own work and work of other area artists, upstairs and down. He showed us his garden wall--a work in progress--filled with delightful details and artful touches. Pete also showed us sketches for works he has envisioned, but have not become reality--yet.

front yard, Stone Gallery
indoors, Stone Gallery
portraiture in clay
raw materials for Pete's sculpture

stone wall, a work in progressrabbit archowl-facesPete explains work on his wallcarvingBob and Dottie by Pete's work-in-progress
He demonstrated how he works native limestone and marble with a small bucket of saws,
files, and a simple chisel and hammer.
Our thanks go to Pete for a wonderful experience at his gallery.

Pete Felten by Bruce Burkholder
See also, portrait of Pete by Hays painter Bruce Burkholder. And visit Bruce's website.

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