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Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge is conveniently located just 2 miles south of Interstate 70, west of Salina, KS. 

Started as a private game preserve, the Refuge is now a non-profit association, which opened its doors to the public less than one year ago.

On 95 acres of rolling Kansas prairie, the park is beautifully landscaped, with broad walkways and shaded rest areas along the trail.. A tram service, restrooms, restaurant and gift shop are provided. Park hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. There is an admission charge.

The wildlife at the park is varied, entertaining, and well-tended. Besides seeing the animals pictured at the left we saw white tigers, snow leopards, lemurs, macaws, prairie dogs, Muntjac deer, giraffes, Florida sandhill cranes, pronghorn deer, lemurs, oryx, tapir, sloth bears, black bears, tortoises, tamarins, and deer. There were some animals living at the refuge which we did not see on the afternoon we were there.

The weather was cool, windy and cloudy during our visit.

Vist the Rolling Hills site for park details.

park bench

dromedary camel
the camel followed our party as we walked
American alligator cougar/moutain lion/puma
albino Burmese Python--my favorite! this fellow was BIG!
Amur leopards mountain goats
ape's handprint on the glass
a very-expressive orangutan
greater one-horned rhino two two-horned rhinos
end bar graphic
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