A visit to the Hilbert cow/calf operation...

...gave this Old City Gal an even more vivid mental image of what Kansas farming is all about.

Farm wife June Hilbert has been writing about her life on the farm, and reading her ongoing story at writers' group "A Table for Eight" regularly for months.

When I went to the farm, just northeast of Topeka, and watched June and her husband, Bill, gather and drive the cows and calves together for a " family photo" (including the family dog), I enjoyed my visit immensely.

June and I jumped into a truck and she drove me around the acreage. I loved every minute of my visit.

Good ol' farm life!

From High Heels to Gumboots One Cow Pie at a Time, by June Hilber

Read June Hilbert's new book about trials and tribulations of becoming a Kansas farm wife: From High Heels to Gumboots, One Cow Pie at a Time.


A Visit to the Hilbert Farm, Northeast Kansas
Mama Cow and baby calfJune, Bill and the family dogPart of the flower garden in a glass bottle sculpture
Cows approach along the barbed wire fence
Bill can stop the cows by offering treatsCows and calfs in place for their group photoOther cows are kept in the north pastureBovine food and watering siteOne very dry cropThe lake has dried up because of draughtThe creek has gone dry alsoWooded acreageLate after sun among tree branchesShade is appreciated on a hot dayMore trees and shadowsGrazing land is kept green through farm workShoots near the barnBlue shootStorage space and artworkMore bottle art in the flower garden

Windmill, not AT the farm, but nearby Two ponies, again not the Hilbert's, but near them A truck heads north on the gravel road toward the Hilbert farm from Kansas Highway 24

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