Excursion to Wichita, Apr. 2001

Flint Hills burning

prairie fire smokenewly burnedrolling Flint Hill prairie in spring

Every spring ranchers in the Flint Hills burn the prairie. Burning stimulates new growth of prairie tallgrasses and flowers. The Kansas Turnpike runs northeast/southwest through the Flint Hills and grass fires were burning as we traveled southwest toward Wichita.

at "The Morrings"

homes and wild placeswalkway lakesideall homes are near waterpublic spaces

At the northwest edge of Wichita is a neighborhood called "The Moorings," where homes are built along fingers of Crystal Lake, a small lake which was once a sand quarry. April 6th proved to be the most pleasant day of the year, thus far, and neighbors where celebrating fine, sunny weather by getting outdoors.

Jim and Julia's place

lakeside propertyview of upper deckfrom dockfrom lower deckhot tub settingroom on the lake
lake viewJulia and JimMax and Carol

Jim and Julia enjoy their home by Crystal Lake. Both upstairs and downstairs patios extend to the water's edge--or beyond. Their home is light and airy. Jim enjoys fishing for catfish from his deck. In addition, they have their own dock space.

Old Town

Farm and Arts ShopsKeen Kutter towerhotel cornerprominadewarehouse buisinessview of Old Town

We were treated to delicate spring evening out in Old Town, downtown Wichita. The Old Town area is an upscale, rennovated warehouse area filled with shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. April 6th was prom night, so we saw many young people in fine dress.

All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho
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