Lecompton , Kansas Territorial Capitol 1855
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Constitution Hall, where the Lecompton Constitution was drafted. Supporters of the constitution tried to impose a proslavery government on the antislavery majority. The settling of this dispute fanned the flames of "Bleeding Kansas." 
Constitution Hall
Lane University
Originally planned as the Kansas Capitol building, construction was begun in 1855, but abandoned in 1857. The building was finished in 1882 and was operated as Lane University until 1902. The parents of Dwight David Eisenhower met and married while attending school here. 
People who think that all of Kansas is flat should take the scenic drive along the Kansas River between Lecompton and Topeka--known as the Kansas Capitols Trail.
Rolling bottom land Woods
This sample of the wooded roadside area along the Kansas Capitol Trail, was traveled in early May '98
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