Day Trip to Lincoln, Kansas
Lincoln, Kansas is the county seat of Lincoln County in north central Kansas. They have a lovely limestone court house on the town square and many interesting buildings in the downtown area made of native limestone. Limestone was produced when Kansas was an inland sea. There are many fossils etched into the stone. The dark strip in each piece of stone is the result of a drying up of the water in the area, then a recovering by the ocean while the stone was still forming.

Lincoln has many local points of interest. If you stop there (located 14 scenic miles north of I-70 from Lincoln exit #221), look up Marilyn Helmer at Village Lines (139 W. Lincoln Ave., downtown) and she will guide you in seeing the sights Lincoln has to offer.

Be sure to visit the court house (about to celebrate 100 years in Sept. 2000), the Kyne House Museum and Topsy School (214 W. Lincoln Ave.) and tour the Yohe House on 316 S. 3rd.

We had passed through Lincoln as we traveled with friends in May, 1999. See Postrock Country photos in our Archive.

All photos © 1999 by Carol Yoho
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entrance, St. Patrick's Church
St. Patrick's Catholic Church is an impressive structure made of native limestone.
side and front of church Built long ago, this structure is sturdy and should stand for a millennium to come.
house decoration
This decorative wheel motif is a part of the Kyne House, at the Kyne House Museum. Hours are 2-4 PM, Tues. & Thurs.
Max with bass over-the-shoulder horn
Max, who collects antique brass instruments was attracted to this fine over-the-shoulder horn displayed in the museum.
Max toots a fine old horn
Max was pleased to take a personal look at this fine old horn and help do some research on its maker.
Kansas creek bed
This creek bed, seen at a rest stop along I-70, shows the colors of late fall.