Camping Out at Mill Creek, Paxico, Wabaunsee, Kansas

My friend Patti Meade treated me to a camp-out along Mill Creek at Paxico, Wabausee County, Kansas.

The weather was extraordinarily mild for late July. We were there Monday through Wednesday, with high temps in the mid-80s —easy to manage with low humidity. Lows dipped into the 50s. The camper had an air conditioner but we never needed it.

Mill Creek runs through a deep ravine at Mill Crrek Campgrounds, just across the railroad tracks near the southwest edge of Paxico. We enjoyed the trails, the plant life, the frogs, the mini-fish, the vultures and, especially, the barn owls that came out at sunset to hunt from grasses and trees at the campgrounds. Patti and I stalked the owls with our cameras until the sky turned completely dark on Monday evening.

Patti's meals were great! Camping included a WiFi connection, which was convenient. I loved catching up with Patti about our lives. (She has been my friend since kindergaren!)



Heading out and setting up
Jared desert cactus plant in bloomCamper ready to be pulled from Rossville to PaxicoMill Creek campsiteWith WIFI hookup, Patti shows me family photosChecking to text messages

Mill Creek, late on a sunny afternoon
Trees, Mill Creek ATrees, Mill Creek BMill CreekVultures hoverSoaring vultureLight through the tree branchesMill Creek reflection ADragonflyRocks and siltVery small fishRock creek bottom

Chasing owls at dusk
First sightingLooking north across the railroad trackTwo owls meetOwl silouettedDusk ADusk BOwl perched close by AOwl perched close by BLast lightOwl perched in the dark

Morning look around the campgrounds
Mill Creek campground AMill Creek campground BMill Creek campground CBig rockMill Creek campground DMill Creek campground EMill Creek campground F

Cloudy morning along Mill Creek
A look upstream (west)View across Mill CreekSouth bankTrees reflectedTree trunk mostly submergedCreek bends northeastRocks cover creek's edge ARocks cover creek's edge AHidden frog spottedOak leafMoss and rocks AMoss and rocks BCreek weedsSouth bank rock formation ASouth bank rock formation ATree snarlMore reflectionsEdge of creekLong blade of grassCreek's edgeTrail upwardStill life Evidence of past floodingShadeRootsVining AVining BTree brancingThe pathKindlingRest stop along trailRocks along downward trail

Packing up and leaving Paxico
Cabin decoration ACabin decoration BCabin porchCampsite at time for packing upWildflowersVining flowersAntique windmillCorn grows near PaxicoRailroad crossingFlinthills sceneryWild grasses 
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