Wilson, Kansas, April 2013, dinner, reading and tour of Midland Railroad Hotel, plus trip through the Smokey Hills at dusk
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Wilson, KS, is the home of Kansas Originals Market, retail shop of Kansas food, arts and crafts items made in Kansas.

Sunday, April 14, was the annual meeting of Post Rock Opportunities Foundation, the non-profit behind retail operations. A dinner was held at Midland Railroad Hotel in downtown Wilson. The Midland is known as one of several Kansas locations used while shooting Paper Moon, the 1973 Academy Award winning film directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

Inivted from Topeka by business manager Marge Lawson, Carol Yoho read a handfull of poems, a short-short story and an essay from author-husband Max Yoho's collection of short writing, Felicia, These Fish Are Delicious, after the meal.

Guests enjoyed a tour of the hotel after the business meeting adjourned. In Paper Moon Addie (Tatum O'Neil) sat on the Midland Hotel staircase with Imogene (P.J. Johnson) and plotted to rid themselves of Trixie Delight (Madeline Kahn) before Addie an d Mose (Ryan On'Neil) headed east into Missouri.

Carol snapped some photos of the hotel and the ride eastward on I-70. She traveled through the Smokey Hills and past one of the state's largest wind farms before the sun set behind her.



Post Rock Opportunities Dinner and Reading
Kansas Pacific Railway is now part of the Union Pacific operationMarge Lawson conducts annual meeting of the Post Rock Opportunities FoundationPost Rock Foundation, Inc. members prepare to have supper together at the Midland HotelMax Yoho's tagged copies of several of his novels

Midland Railroad Hotel Tour:
South facade of Midland Railroad HotelDining room window, Midland HotelLooking west from the railroad line to where Kansas Pacific passengers once disembarked to spend the night at the Midland HotelMidland Hotel dining room, interior
Tatum O'Neil as Addie Pray in Bognanovich's Paper MoonStaircase used in the movie Paper MoonLooking throught the bar room door and the outside entrance to The Sample RoomBar interior with two Post Rock members and their female hotel tour guidePool room at the Midland Hotel, Wilson, KS

Traveling east on I-70 through the Smokey Hills at dusk:
Approaching the wind farm along I-70, not far east of the Wilson interstate exitWind turbines near the highwayThree modern wind turbinesMore of the many wind turbines slowly generating wind powerThis set of wind turbines are south, not north, of the highwayKansas Smokey Hills AKansas Smokey Hills BSunset
The sun nears the horizon Sunset BThe sun in nearly down, near Junction City, KS

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