Burning Off a Kansas farm field, March 2009
Jim and Jean Bass are Kansas artists who live in
the country. They invited me onto their property to watch spring burning of their fields. Burn-off occurred Friday, March 13, 2009. Fields were damp and wind was low...a good day for observing this process for the first time and for snapping photos.
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Managed Burn
Bob Lawson tends the fire with a rake backfire along the slope tending the backfire starting the field on fire
fireman through the heat of the fire John Conklin starts a new edge of fire turning with fire Larry tends the fire
Jim brings supplies on the lawn tractor watching grass burn John, seen through flames firemen
more hot flames burning tall grass just beginning to burn John moves the fire with a rake Jim Herynk watches tall weeds burn

Flaming Up
flames and smoke into tall grass flame meets flame at a corner fire moves toward the cedars
mostly burned fames proceed bits burn fire line
field on fire charred area flames leap ground cover aflame

Across Acres
looking toward the pond burning grass near the pond starting a new line of flames watching grass smolder
Bob Kennedy watching from the rise
pond dam fire fire leaves tracks unburned burning near the wires unburned grass over burned grass places the fire did not burn fire moving through a stand of young trees
smoldering 1 smoldering 2 smoldering 3 edge of the fire line
where there is smoke... burning through trees dry grass at higher levels burns hot how the fire traveled

smokey Jim, controlling flames Jim and John watch the fire Larry Peters tends fire John and Jim walk back to the house, then over to burn the west pasture
rise near the dam fire moves too quickly to burn this thistle tree stump after fire large smoldering field space line of fire in pasture land
flames and smoke more flames and smoke Jim Bass sculpture is save in the yard fire near an everygreen

Bob opens up the burning with the first touches of fire Bob watches the first fire Bob watches the field burn Bob Kennedy monitoring flames Bob Lawson manages the fire fire near and farther off flame and backfire
consuming dry grass two spots burn licking tall weeds intense flames intense flames 2 smoldering behind flames smoke into the clouds
burnind corner licking flames smoldering field as near to the neighbor's place as this fire will come high flames fjiremen head toward more spaces to burn John does an artful job of controling flames
fire nears the brush line of fire fire has past burned spot near tree path to the pond's dam line of flames lick pasture land spots burn in just a few seconds
Jim H. monitor the fire curve of fire extends to a tree more smoke into the sky underbrush alight smoldering spaces Bob heads back toward the house land smokes for a long period of time
Bob continues working the fire another corner of flames large space burned smoke and water burned along a ridge line of fire ice in the water despite the heat ice near flames

All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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