Jennings, Kansas
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Finding it...
Along Prairie Dog Creek on KS Hwy 383 in Decatur County, Kansas. Hwy 383 runs diagonally southwest to northeast between US Hwy 83 and US Hwy 283. I-70 travelers can turn north at Oakley or at WaKeeney.

unusual Jennings bath house

Jennings, Kansas originally called "Slab City" is a farming community with an approximate population of 180. The local museum specializes in the Czech traditions of the early settlers of this area. (Early settlers included Max's great-grandparents, Benjamin and Matilda Yoho. Ben, of Swiss extraction, came to Kansas from Ohio to homestead in 1877.)

Personal perspective...
Boy, Jennings' people are friendly! We came to town late one Wednesday afternoon to find the grave of Max's great-grandmother, Matilda Yoho. We sought help at the local Post Office. Within 5 minutes, Bob Jones (town mayor) and two other citizens had dropped everything they were doing to come downtown and open the Czech Museum, which houses burial records. After helping us find the grave site, the three men then escorted us to the Jennings Cemetery and led us right to Max's great-grandmother's grave. The Czech Museum looked interesting, and the historic bath house and outhouse are not to be missed!

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