Castle Rock, Gove County, Kansas
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Finding it...
Updated 9/16/2004: From Quinter (Exit 107 on I-70), take the road South 15 miles, then East 4 miles. Turn back North and after about 3/4 mile you are there. (There is a sign just South of the gas station at Exit 107 with directions, as well as pointers at all the intersections.)

Castle Rock

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East of Monument Rocks--but also in Gove County, Kansas--these limestone rocks were likewise carved 80 millions years ago by erosion. The site was once the floor of a vast inland sea. This area includes high bluffs, rock walls, and unusual limestone formations. "Castle Rock," stands alone a short distance from sandstone bluffs.

A storm in the summer of 2001, aided by gravity, has tumbled the highest pinnacle of Castle Rock, but the formation is still impressive.

Personal perspective...
What an adventure we had visiting this site! Our visit came AFTER bad weather and gravity pulled down the highest remaining spire in the summer of 2001.

Our early spring March weather had turned suddenly frigid. While the day before our visit here had been mild (near 70 degrees), the overnight low had dipped to 7 degrees. Stiff winds created minus zero wind chills. (The saying is, "If you don't like the weather in Kansas, wait a minute.") When I stepped outside our warm truck to take photos, I became aware that such weather would probably freeze anyone caught exposed in about 20 minutes...

...which could have happened! The dirt road ringing this site was narrow and deeply rutted. Our truck ride was slow and teeth-rattling.

The chill atop the overlooking bluffs made as big an impression as the beauty of rock formations!

While visiting, please respect this site and the cattle grazing here.

Rock labyrinth

stand of limestone rocks
the dirt road is pretty rugged vehicles begin and end tour atop this butte sandstone rock formations
Castle from above

winding rutted trail to Castle Rockteleview of Castle Rock
Castle Rock, March 2002 atop the bluff overlooking limestone formations
Castle at ground level
Castle Rock seen from the prairie floor our truck gives the rocks scale looking up at Castle Rock
Castle Rock with rubble from the fallen stone tower teleview of carved linestone rock maze

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