Bison are Back

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bison 4 Shawnee Co. Historical Museum bison sculpturePlains People were dependent on bison, using every part of the kill, wasting nothing. Extermination of bison was a plan used by white men to deplete the native population and take the land for themselves.
The plan nearly worked.
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Bison are making a comeback on the Kansas Plains.

Ranchers use bison to draw tourists and as food (buffalo burgers),
Bison are being raised throughout the state. A few bison, photographed
above, were grazing in a wildlife refuge just north of Pittburg, along
Highway 69, once an old Military Road running straight south from
Ft. Leavenworth to Ft. Scott and points below.

A herd of bison, above right, are kept on private land just north of
Highway 57 where it branches east from Highway 75. Highway 75 runs
straight north/south through Kansas, through Topeka.

Bison are again grazing on the grasslands of the plains.
May their numbers continue to thrive and multiply.
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Kansas Photo Tour has more about bison.
Read: "Rancher finds all he needs in bison" —Sun., Jun. 22, 2008, Topeka Capital-Journal

All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho
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