Front entrance, Cosmosphere, Hutchinson, Kansas [title] Cosmosphere, Hutchinson
Entrance, second view One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind iMax projectionists and equipment

Our visit: March 21, 2005

1100 N. Plum
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501
620.662.2305 or 800.397.0330

Below, Laika, Russian space dog. Right,
U.S. lunar lander
U.S. lunar lander Select a photo to see the larger version—Space Race & Lunar Lander
Early Russian spaceship sent first mammal into space, Laika: space dog Model of Laika, space dog U.S. lunar lander, view 2 Lunar lander and landrover Photo of Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin saluting the U.S. flag

spaceship catastrophe
museum displays
astronaut space suit
space foods and important equipment: scissors
astronaut packs and equipmentspace suit view 2model astronauts
astronaut spacesuit 3space faceplate, glove and bootvarious pieces of astronaut equipment various space gloves
astronaut diaper is worn under spacesuitSuits & Gear

   Wonder what astronauts wear
   inside those suits? Diapers!

new exhibit space to open in June 2005various images taken in outer space
Flight Stages & Moon Rocks
moon rock, view 1moon rock, view 2model of Wright brothers Kitty Hawk
Apollo 13 space module, base surfaceApollo 13 space module
hatch, Apollo 13interior, Apollo 13 space modulea piece of monitoring deck, Mission Control
Left, actual Apollo 13 module.
See also German v-2 rocket restoration.

Extras Sante Fe depot, Strong City Max has tomato juice with celery Max inspects his drink
Strong City is east of Hutchinson.

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