St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Joe started as an Indian trading post by Joseph Robidoux, flurished as a jumping-off-point for the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails, until people began navigating the Missouri River north and west into Nebraska before starting their overland journey. Home headquarters for the Pony Express, St. Joseph was home to Jessie James, who died in St. Joe when shot by Bob Ford.

Still, St. Joseph is a prospering industrial and cultural center,

trading goods up and down the Missouri River on barges. Railroad bridges cross the river inro Kansas from St. Joseph. St. Joseph trades in goods and prospers doing so.

The Museum Hill area hosts a number of tourist attractions, including the St. Joseph Museum (housed in the old M. K. Goetz manison) and a number of other impressive homes. One of our favorite homes in this area, the Corby home, is currently being restored.

sunrise view of downtown St. Joseph
At River's Edge--
Interstate highway parallels the Missouri Riverbarge pushes upriverrailroad bridge is open downriver

    Museum Hill Area--

Corby house under rennovationturret, Corby house
side yard, Corby housefront entrance, Corby house
St. Joseph Museum, Goetz houseanother Museum Hill residencemansion detail at sunrise

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