White Cloud, Fading...

There is a monument at
the local Catholic church on the main street honoring a boy, Wilbur Chapman, with a big heart. He decided to raise a pig, "Pete," to sell for money to help a leper boy. His good will started the "Pig Bank movement," where he was joined by tens of thousands of others in giving to rid the world of leprosy. According to the bronze plaque, White Cloud was, therefore, first to use what is known today as the "piggy bank."

White Cloud has a city park along the main street and several beautiful older homes, all built along the side of a ridge which rises steeply west of the main street.

These homes are, reportly, on the National Register, but owners of these properties do not necessarily have funds to properly care for these once-fine buildings. Several seemed to be uninhabited and are decomposing in disrepair. See more details

Wilbur and his pig, Pete Bronze plaque to Wilbur piggy bank momento Main street looking west
 A strange place for a door Porch need fixin' Old home in disrepair Old home needs work