White Cloud, River Town

White Cloud is a river town. In its hayday in the mid-to-late 1800's its population was over 2000. The town is tucked into the northeast corner of Kansas--Missouri just east, Nebraska north, and Iowa only a few miles further to the northeast. Riverboat traffic once brought the prosperity, but traffic on the Missouri River slowed as railroads took over hauling supplies to western settlements.

Today the main industry seen in White Cloud is its grain elevator. Grain still goes downriver on barges to St.

Joseph, Kansas City, St. Louis and points eastward.

No grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, motels or other retail business (only one closed antique shop) were spotted along the main street in Oct. 2001.

It was hard to imagine what the population of White Cloud does with the influx of shoppers for the big Flea Markets held twice yearly (listed among the best in America by McCall's magazine). How do they feed these people? See more details

Main street looking east High spot overlooking the Missouri River Missouri River looking south Another river view
Dilapidated old store Old business is falling apart Grain loader at river's edge edge of the MIssouri River, looking north

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