Laughing it up in Pittsburg
Max and Carol Ann Robb, Adult Librarian, Pittsburg Public Library
Max speaks to a large, happy audience at the Pittsburg Public Library, Kansas
Funny flowers and cookies
June 2, 2003 audience filled the room for reading kick-off.
Laughing it up in Southeast Kansas
Sedan, Kansas
The yellow brick road winds along Sedan, Kansas downtown sidewalk. Downtown Sedan, Kansas
The Red Buffalo Gift Shop, Sedan, Kansas
Kansas landscape mural was being painting in June 2003 in downtown Emporia by artists Louis Copt and Stan Herd. A stately steer stares at us from the city park in Independence, Kansas.
Big Brutus
BIG Big BrutusBig Brutus dwarfs trees.No longer in use, Big Brutus is now a tourist attraction.
Ingall's Little House on the Prairie
Cabin interior.
Ingall's home, this reproduction sits on the original settlement site.
Map of the travels and settling of the Ingall's family.Chimney and rear of cabin.
A historic site of several buildings is near Wayside, Kansas. Wormholes can be seen in the log composition of the log house.

All photos © 2003 by Carol Yoho
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All photos © 2003 Carol Yoho
Max made new friends and visited with good friends when he kicked off the Pittsburg Public Library adult summer reading program, "Laughing it up at the Library," June 2, 2003.
Sedan, Kansas and The Red Buffalo Gift Shop won our hearts!
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Sedan is the home of the nation's longest yellow brick road!
God bless
       Carol Ann
A Mural is being painted in downtown Emporia by Louis Copt and Stan Herd.right arrow
A stately steer stares from the city park, Independence down arrow
Big Brutus was built on-site near West Mineral, KS, to dig coal. It is 160' tall and weighs 11,000,000 pounds. It is no longer in use, but is a tourist attraction. One mighty scoop from Big Brutus once filled 3 railroad coal cars!
Map of Ingalls' family travels and trail of stories written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
up arrow Ingalls' home on the prairie, a reproduction built on the actual site. Above: interior and exterior.
Located between Caney and Independence, KS, about one and a half miles off of U.S. Highway 75 is Wayside, KS
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