Kansas State Fair 1999
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The Best of Kansas
Blue ribbon corn
Blue ribbon apples Award-winning okra Governor's award--melon Best milo
These items were included in 
"The Best of Kansas building 
just inside the main gate.
Prize dried sunflowers Bovine of butter (refrigerated) Best peppers

Ye Old Mill ride--built in 1915Space aliens for sale
Midway view Ticket booth Toys for sale
The last Thursday of the 9-day fair seemed to be quiet on the midway. Still there were rides, food and games.
Titanic slide ride Soft-serve ice creamCarousel

The poultry were fascinating and I took lots of photos.
Crazy chicken
Crazier chicken Proud cockrel Brown hen
Proud gobbler
Curly goose King of the roost Anti-social turkey
Poultry included chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, and turkeys.
Soft-grey pigeon
Salt and pepper cock

Goose face Small hen


Farm Animals
Dairy cows Black-faced sheep Beef on the hoof Horse home Young llama Expo hall
The cows, pigs, horses, sheep, goats and llamas were fine.

Exotic Animals
Ibex at the petting zoo Camel rider Exotic animals were also at the fair: 
ibex, camel, and a gariffe.

The Arts
Wheat art Blue ribbon needlepoint The arts are covered at the fair. Photography,
quilting, drawing, painting, woodworking, grain art,
and metalwork were displayed.

Closing Comments: The fair in Hutchinson is about 160 miles from our home in Topeka. Our thanks to Bob Harder, who drove us to Hutchinson and back in his van. Round trip in one day was a full day. To break up the trip home, we stopped for supper at the Hays House in Council Grove. The Hays House offers good food in a true historic setting--the Hays House building was constructed in 1857--probably one of the oldest surviving structures in Kansas. 
Hays House and friends

Photos © 1999 Carol Yoho
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