Stull Cemeter
photo A Stull Church photo C
a gate to Hell, in Kansas?

This burned out church and quiet cemetery at Stull, Kansas
are reputedly the site of one of the
Seven Portals to Hell.

Some claim it an evil place; a frightening and even dangerous place
--a place with a hidden stairway to hell--a place where Satan comes to visit the grave of his child.

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church and tulipssouthwest corner of churcha peek inside the churchchurch with grave stonechurch on Emmanual Hilllooking downhill across cemetery into rolling hillside country

NOTE: The Stull church was pulled down after the west wall collapsed in March 2002.

Check out what others say about this mysterious place:

Comanche County rancher, Jack Freeman, used to maintain
that the other six portals to Hell can be found in Oklahoma.
This may be hearsay, or it may be heresy.

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