Barnstorming, Warbird Sky Ventures, Lawrence, Kansas











I waited patiently
until July to cash in on my Christmas gift— nearly an hour of flight in a flight trainer, AT-6G, built in 1941, piloted by Gina Michelle Moore. She is an excellent stunt pilot and put me through paces with loop-the-loops and wing waves. My flight was late in the day on a beautiful July evening.



North American AT-6G

Wing Span:
42 feet
Length: 29 feet
Gross Weight: 5800 pounds
Engine Mfg: Pratt & Whitney
Type: 9 cylinder super charged radial
Displacement: 1340 cu. in.
Power: 600 HP @ 2250 RPM / 36" MP
Fuel Capacity: 110 US gallons
Oil Capacity: 10 US gallons

Top Speed: 240 MPH
Cruise Speed: 155 MPH
Stall Speed: 56 MPH
Fuel Consumption: 35 GPH at normal cruise power
Range: 700 miles


Warbird taxis
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Max by airplane Carol by airplane tail Warbird Sky Ventures, John and Gina
Carol beside AT-6G


Warbird Sky Ventures








heading toward downtown Lawrence, Kansas, looking south over Kansas River looking southwest over campus of Kansas University southeast Lawrence and the edge of the world
just east of Lawrence Wetlands of the Haskell Indian University bend in the Kansas River at Lawrence earth and sky
flying over Clinton Lake, Lawrence, Kansas Clinton Lake, Lawrence, Kansas over Clinton Lake, Lawrence, Kansas
looking west toward setting sun over Clinton Lake airplane co-pilot controls, which I did not use, except for pulling up and extending landing gear after a safe landing of a thrilling flight

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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