Memorial weekend 2004 found crowds at Lake Perry, Jefferson County, Kansas. It was windy that weekend, with whitecaps on the lake.
However, the day after the holiday it was quiet and peaceful. The herons came back to hang around at the slips of D.J.'s Marina.

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heron 1Great Blue Heron walks the dockMax at our slip berthCarol at our slip berth
heron 2, atop the slip roof
heron 3 is very patient to pose for his photo heron 3 as seen from the houseboat deck

begging carp
Carp, above, beg for food off the dock.

Most of the Great Blue Heron that hang out at Lake Perry's slips are immature. As birds mature they grow tufts of feathers which sweep behind them at eye level. Also, the feathers on their breasts fluff out. Mature birds can be six feet in height when standing tall.

Great Blue Heron close up
All photos © 2004 by Carol Yoho
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