at the lake, Perry Lake, Summer 2001

High Water

flood view, Ozawkie bridgeflooding June 25thtrees at shorelineflooding, trees engulfed 1flooding, trees engulfed 2
very near the underside of the Ozawkie bridgeapproaching the flooded Ozawkie bridgeJune floodingflooded coveour favorite spot, flooded

In June the water at Lake Perry was high--flooded--and cruising
caused us little concern about running a-ground.


sunrise, June 6thsunrise, May 28thsunset, June 26th
sunset, June, option 1sunset, June, option 2
Our favorite times of day at Lake Perry continue to be sunrises and sunsets.

Our escapades on the houseboat at the lake went on "hiatus" after July 4th when hot weather
and a medical emergency sent us home into air-conditioning until the weather cools.

A Special Breakfast

sunrise Aug. 17breakfast onboardmorning cloudsripples

We were back on the lake on Friday morning, August 17.
It was a special treat to have Dad out for breakfast and to watch the sun rise.

Labor Day Evening 2001

sunset 1
pelicans 1  We enjoyed a speedboat ride
  on our neighbors' boat, Our Prozac,
  on Labor Day evening.
pelicans 2pelicans 3 Pelicans were migrating in the area.
sunset 2sunset 3
Jan and Woody 1Jan and Woody 2Max and Carol

Blue Heron
All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho
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pelican, October 2001