Wetlands, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Marsh Areas

of Lake Perry on the Delaware River near Valley Falls, Kansas, is a Wildlife Nature Area. The area is a natural habitat for what the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers calls "Watchable Wildlife." These photographs are of two areas are just east of Kansas Highway 4, and south of Valley Falls.
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Was under water in early spring. Now...mud and lower water level.
Muddy tire tread Sliced earth, dried Cracked surface of dried mudA slid stop in the mud, dried
Looking across the Delaware River, west looking eastUndergrowth and tree roots along the river bank
This area was a mile or two further south along a gravel road that deadended in a parking area at water's edge. There was evidence here, also, of earlier high water.
Marsh lands Trees reflected in evening waters Evidence of previous floodlines
Surface of the backwater Backwaters of the Deleware River which flows into Perry Lake, Northeast Kansas
Two lotus pods in the gravel drive
Water's edge, looking south Sun is setting, May 11, 2009

All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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