Indian Cave State Park, SE Nebraska, July 14, 2017

Beginning to explore Petroglyphs...

Long-time friend Patti Meade hosted a trip into Southeast Nebraska to visit Indian Cave State Park, a nature area of historical significance for two reasons:

At its location along the Missouri River ten miles south of Brownville and 8 miles east of Shubert, Nebraska, this area was visited on July 14, 1804, by the exploration group lead by Lewis & Clark. The expedition stopped here ten days after naming “Independence Creek,“  while stopped near Atchison, Kansas, on Independence Day. They then journeyed north and west by boat, searching for a path to the Pacific Ocean that might cross the North American continent.

Long before Lewis & Clark came through, however, an overhanging cliff near the river had caught the attention of Native tribes of the Midwest. Such places were sought after by nomadic peoples who traveled through the area to follow game used  to feed their families. Such spots as this offered both shelter and fresh water from a nearby spring.  Ancient petroglyphs etched into the stone of this place bears prehistoric Native American petroglyphs of an unknown date and origin. They can be viewed from a wooden boardwalk extending the length of the cave wall.

While there were massive amount of garbage -graffiti also carved into these stones, I was delighted to search out carvings that did, indeed, justify themselves to the experts to be ancient artwork. These were the first petroglyphs I have ever seen personally. I’d added such an adventure to the top of my Bucket List, determined to search out and see petroglyphs close to home, then expand my adventure into other places in the United States and, maybe, even visit the site of the oldest known petroglyphs in France and other places abroad. My journey has begun! THANK YOU, PATTI!

“Indian Cave State Park encompasses 3,052 rugged acres bordering the mighty Missouri River. The park is well known for its beautiful camping and picnicking spots, as well as for its 22 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails. The park boasts sweeping views of wide, winding Missouri river and a majestic hardwood forest that puts on a spectacular show of colors each autumn. During the park’s annual Haunted Hollow each October, visitors can soak in the beauty of the season while partaking in hayrack rides, spooky campsite decorating contests, games, crafts and other family-friendly activities.”

(The quote above is from the park’s web site)

Given some time I MAY trace some of the images in stone that I think I see in these photos and share them here, asking viewers if they see what I think I saw...

Visit her again. There may be more!

  Car Nature Trail and Vast Overlook
One-way nature drive
Forest at the side of the roadSerious embankmentTiger lilies in natural settingDeck built to show off Missouri RiverWild flowers beneath usLong view to the Missouri RiverMore wild flowersMore wild flowers BSlope to the riverTelephoto view of Missouri RiverMore wild flowers C

  Down at the Boat Landing, Missouri River
We've moved to the river's edgeMissouri River at boat landingWas this a pier?A sign of something that has pastA very long downed logMore wildflowers at the steps to Indian Cave

  Boat Landing, Missouri River, and the Climb to Indian Cave
A view across the road from the climb to Indian CaveStart of climb to Indian CaveView of eastern part of the ledgePatti finishes her climbLooking up and to the westRocks and greenery A

  Enjoying the Rocks
Rocks and greenery BRocks close-up AGriffittiRocks close-up BView very like Rocks close-up ARocks close-up BRocks close-up CLooking up to a real caveAbove the caveFoot traffic stopped by fenseA look straight up into the small cave areaKids and families visit Indian CaveA look down from the topRocks close-up DRocks close-up ERocks close-up FRocks close-up GRocks close-up HRocks close-up IJRocks close-up KRocks close-up LRocks close-up MRocks close-up NRocks close-up ORocks close-up PRocks close-up QRocks close-up RRocks close-up SRock with vineRock with green growth
More climbersRocks close-up TAnother look up to the west

  Back to the Car and then Out of the Park
Heading back downEntrance and parking and riverA view into Nebraska landIce and logs at campgroundForest view near campsite AForest view near campsite B

  Lunch North of Brownville, Beside a Corn Field
Paggy and marguaritas at lunchPatti's arm tattoo is finishedNebraska cornfield AVarious 

THANK YOU, Patti Meade, for a lovely adventure!

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