Marvin Faulwell played the Loews Midland Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ at the Kansas City Music Hall on Oct. 5, 2008.
Listen & watch Greg Foreman perform on stage at the K.C. Music Hall, 9-13-09, "Grand Tarantella," 8:13 minutes. Another video, same day.
Faulwell accompanied Buster Keaton (a native of Piqua, KS) in his 1927 comedy epic motion picture silent comedy, The General. Marvin was accompanied by Bob Kecheisen on percussion. Introduction was by Bill Beningfield. The performance was supported by the Kansas City Music Hall (constructed in 1935) and by Loews Midland Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ, Inc. (organ built in 1927).
Kansas Silent Film Festival, Inc (festivals in late February each year in Topeka, KS) also supporting this event. Lovers of movies by Buster Keaton should also know about the annual Buster Keaton Celebration, held in late September in Iola, KS.

Read more about organist Marvin Faulwell.

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Music Hall exterior downtown Kansas City from Music Hall corner downstairs lobby Deco stairwell Marble decoration, flooring
stairwell lighting lobby cut-out upstairs lobby area stairwell turn as seen from auditorium level looking through the cut-out into the lobby
stairwell light my FAVORITE fixture wheel lighting auditorium lobby space lobby cards, of course balcony doors
theatre organ circular relief frieze, stairwell lighting arts motif in mable flooring Deco water fountain and flooring design
theater audience view from the balcony stage seen from front rows tier intermission routed troops, The General film opening, Marvin Faulwell at the organ
Bob Keckeisen, percussion Bill Beningfield provides introductions Marvin Faulwell rises from the pit at the organ Faulwell at the organ Marvin speaks to the matinee crowd Marvin Faulwell featured

All photos and text © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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