Trip to St. Joseph, Missouri
     Saint Joseph opens a door on the Old West.
  • Route of Lewis and Clark's Voyage of Discovery
  • Joseph Robidoux, founding father, traded furs 
    with the Indians
  • East Teriminal of the Pony Express
  • Jesse James was murdered here
  • Home of the Big Chief tablet
  • Home of Cherry Mash candybars
  • Gaming and cultural center
  • Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art
  • Patee House Museum
  • Robidoux Row Museum
  • St. Joseph State Hospital Psychiatric Museum

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Traveling friends

Our Traveling Friends went to St. Joseph 
on November 19, 1999. The day was cool, 
and holiday decorations and festivities 
were in evidence.

Paolucci's, Atchison KS
Paolucci's sign
Our Traveling Friends also stopped 
for afternoon tea at Paolucci's Deli
and Lounge
in Atchinson, KS.

All photos © 1999 by Carol Yoho
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Select a thumbnail to see the larger version :
Pony Express Museum The Pony Express delivered mail westward for 18 months in 1960 and 1861. St. Jo was the starting point.
being restored The city has many beautiful older homes. This is a personal favorite. It is being restored.
St. Joseph Museum The St. Joseph Museum is housed in the lovely 3-floor mansion, donated to the city by M. K. Goetz.
stained glass window This stained glass window is in the second floor landing.
newel post
Heavy walnut woodwork and elaborate newel posts grace three floors of stairway.
lion bagged in 1926 The third floor focuses on natural history, with many specimens. This lion was as big as a pony.
Eskimo snow goggles First floor display is "Indians of the Northwest Coast."
brain corel A children's exploration area includes tropical fish and a large brain corel.
giant kaleidescope Those who crawl back far enough in the kids' area will find a giant kaleidescope.
brown bar