Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri
clock and arch, interior
grooves worn in the marble floor by years of feet shuffling over its surface.
ultra-modern furniture contrasted with the decor original construction in 1917
exterior view
...under the clock...
exterior view of Union Station
The newly reopened Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, is a beautiful restoration.

Our traveling friends had a personal tour of the station and a peek at Science City, a museum of special interest to children. 

Our guide was Jimmy Holmes, employee of Science City, who has been helping in the redevelopment of the facility for over two and a half years. 

These facilities, which also includes a Theater District of live theater and films of special interest (including iMax) had their grand opening in November 1999.

interior view of the great hall
front entrance, Union Station
garden area of Science City, which shares the Union Station building
historical display of station items
exterior view, lower level, shows new construction of Science City
boulevard of Science City
fun and games are a focus for children
under the clock was the place to meet friends when traveling
blue bar
Jimmy explained that the restoration on the station was done by some of the same people who restored the Statue of Liberty for her centennial, and restored Windsor Castle after a bad fire. The restorers worked from black and white photos. Orignial colors had been ruined by smoke from the coal-burning train engines long before color photography was an option in recording historical details. We saw restaurants and enjoyed lunch at one of them. The trip was lovely, and our weather was perfect. Our Traveling Friends were, as usual, delightful.
bare blubs were a sign of elegance in the newly-wired nineteen-teensmarble entrancewayex-K.C. major, Emanuel Cleaver, held a Friday talk show at KCUR in the lower level
more furniture detail--men's smoking room--no longer used for smoking tour-guide, Jimmy, and his audience
souvenior engineer's cap Traveling Friends additional exterior view station window Liberty Memorial, south of the entrance, honors WWI veterans
blue bar
All photos © 2000 by Carol Yoho
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