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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City, MO
Nelson-Atkins entrance area looking south into Sculpture Garden east window, new east wing new entrance
south pillars, original building Sculpture Garden shuttlecock inside ramps, new wing garden view, looking west throug wet glass from new wing
north side shuttlecock indoor sculpture space another view, indoor sculpture space Sculpture Garden shuttlecock through rain and wet glass
 New Wing and Sculpture Garden
African textile Yao Mask headdress Pablo Ruiz scratches an itch fake Museum guard
special exhibit African headdress ramp leads downward into the new wing transition, new into old
contemporary gallery, new wing up the ramp and beyond
Merged with... stairwell, old galleries ...traditional
embrace classical sculpture
Beheading of John the Baptist John the Baptist by CarrivaggioThomas Hart Benson skull looks Holloween-yThomas Hart Benton's Hollywood Tiffany stained glass
chess piece
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Kansas City, MO
Debra Butterfield's horse is a favorite spider is outside Kemper Contemporary Museum lobby at Kemper Chihuly's Venetian glass sculpture is another favorite
entrance, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art desk and gift shop

Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art Overland Park, KS
view through prism digitally lighted porch overhang large open space as gallery Nerman Museum entrance
gallery view 2 gallery view 3 light art Japanese internment painting
forn bloom
war statement the bus home

Bus trip sponsored by Art Department, Washburn University, Oct. 22, 2009

All photos © 2009 Carol Yoho
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