Family and friends enjoyed celebrating Greg Webster's 44th birthday together at his folks' home in Topeka on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

Attendees included his parents; sister, Christina, and Mike; long-time friends, the Martinek family; Stephanie; Stephaie's parents, Terry and Ethel; Steph's kids, Denny and Hannah; Carol and her dad, Cleve.

The party started on the patio, where birthdays have been celebrated for the past 29 years. Some of the attendees remembered birthdays long before that house and that patio.

The party moved indoors when it started to sprinkle during the opening of presents. Ethel played "Happy Birthday" on the piano while the crowd sang along. Greag blew out candles and the flour-cake and the icre cream cake were cut and enjoyed.

Happy Birthday, Greg!


Greg celebrates his 44th birthday.One birthday cake was made by Greg's mom.Greg is Forty-four
Stephanie and GregThe party vacated the patio when it started to sprinkleChristina covers lawn furnitureOpening presents in the living roomGreg's new robeGreg with birthday bowGreg with his two cakesEthel plays "Happy Birthday to You"Greg and his mom, VeraGreg's dad, LarryCleve admires Greg's new toyThe Martinek familyTerry, Ethel and LarryMike and Christina

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